Right now there are Millions of Talented People Online Looking for Career Opportunities...

If You Are NOT Using The Social Strategies Proven Most Effective by Corporate Recruiters for Recruiting Serious Profesessionals... What Is That COSTING YOU?

This Webinar has been recorded for your convenience and is now available 24/7 in the Members Area along with 24 additional videos with step-by-step instructions to Maximize Your LinkedIN Recruiting Strategy for Massive Results!

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Based on the Feedback we've had on this Member's Only Content, NO ONE (except maybe your Upline) who has taken this course so far wants YOU to KNOW this information... They simply don't want these Treasures to Get Out! Are you going to let them leave you in the dust?

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This is a Game Changer! Imagine What This Information Is Going To Do For Your Home Business Recruiting Efforts!

How would you like to learn the Secrets of LinkedIn® Recruiting from the # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the Nation with a National Recruitment Firm?
What would it BE WORTH to learn his LinkedIn® Recruiting Secrets that have been ESPECIALLY ADAPTED for Home Business Recruiting?

You CAN – by learning HOW TO DO EXACTLY THAT from a #1 Corporate Recruiter.

His Name is Scott. And he is a GENIUS at Social Media and LinkedIn® Recruiting.

He went from zero to HERO within a year because of Social Media and his strategies.

This is NOT for those who are only PLAYING with their business and DO NOT desire to build a MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS.

The Question is: ARE YOU?

Are YOU Recruiting AT LEAST ONE NEW PROSPECT a week on LinkedIn®?

WHY NOT? Doug has Private Clients that ARE DOING IT!

And it is mainly because of a Powerful Collaboration that he engaged in that created the Single Most POWERFUL LinkedIn® Recruiting Tactics and Training that EXISTS TODAY.

Did you know that there are 120 MILLION Professionals on LinkedIn®?

Did you also know that the average LinkedIn® professional makes over $107,000.000 a year?

Did you know the majority of professionals on LinkedIn® are
between 35 and 54 years old?

Did you know there are over 18 Million Decision Makers?

Would THAT be a recruiting GOLD MINE for your business? As EVERY Professional on LinkedIn® has hundreds of contacts around the nation!

If you are going to Facebook for business, and end up spending hours looking at your friend’s photos of their latest birthday parties, or are getting distracted by all the YouTube videos out there, chances are you are wasting your time.

Chances are – you are NOT CONNECTING with enough people at the LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM and QUALITY OF PROSPECT that it is going to take your business to THE NEXT LEVEL and BEYOND!

(Don’t get us WRONG! We LOVE Facebook! But for people that do NOT have the discipline for it, they totally can get DISTRACTED by all the non business activity.)

Isn’t it TIME you made the RIGHT CONNECTIONS?

Isn’t it TIME you made the RIGHT CONNECTIONS with people that already have:

  • The Professionalism you are looking for?
  • The Skill Set you are looking for?
  • The Contacts & Credibility you are looking for?
  • The Work Ethic that you are looking for?
  • The Burning Desire for Success that you are looking for?

And ALL YOU NEED IS ONE! And we have made it SUPER EASY to learn how to recruit these LinkedIn® Professionals!

“It has taken me close to 5 years of trial and error recruiting very high level professionals in the corporate world to refine this systematic approach and information. And now, I’m making it available to the Home Business MLM Industry exclusively through Doug Firebaugh only for deadly serious Network Marketing Professionals who want to shorten their learning curve on LinkedIn® and learn to Recruit like the pros, maximizing their productivity and profits.”
Scott, Corporate Recruiter


LinkedIn® Recruiting Secrets 101 online video training series with Bonuses!

(101 Little Known LinkedIn® Recruiting Secrets from a #1 Corporate Recruiter) by Doug Firebaugh

You will discover the many secrets that have WORKED for Scott to effectively and consistently recruit LinkedIn® Professionals, and they can work for you too!

He and Doug have been talking for 4 years about doing something together and this webinar is a Business Transforming Fruit of those conversations!

Things have changed dramatically in Social Media the last 2 years, and everyone is seeing it. But you MUST keep up with the changes and the Tactics required for the NEW Social Network Marketing Success. Doug Firebaugh’s clients pay him thousands of dollars for Private Coaching and NOW you can access these Unique and Little Known Powerful LinkedIn® Secrets to take your business to the Next Level!

In this powerful LinkedIn® Recruiting Secrets Training Series, you will learn:

  • The Secret to Transforming your Profile to a Magnetic POWER-FILE – that CATALYZES ACTION by LSO.
  • The Secret of How to tap into over a million regional leads- FREE.
  • The 4 words you NEVER use on LinkedIn®.
  • The 5 Biggest What NOT to Do’s on your profile – and WHY it will kill your recruiting.
  • 5 Different Ways of Approaching Professionals on LinkedIn® and EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY.
  • The 5 Words you say to develop INSTANT RAPPORT with Prospects.
  • The ONE Secret of GETTING Recommendations and how to use them to powerfully recruit others.
  • The Secret of LinkedIn® Recruiting with Magnetic ARTICLE WRITING.
  • How to Find the Super Connectorsand the Super Groups and Connect with them and Recruit their Connections.
  • How to become a Powerful, Finding More Leads than you could ever call on Recruiting LION.
  • How to Use the LinkedIn® Corporate Recruiting Solutions for Network Marketing.
  • The Secret of Front Loading your page to give it Recruiting Power.
  • The Secret of the All Updates and How to Dominate it and Recruit from it.
  • The Super Magnetic Recruiting Power of GROUPS and why you need to JOIN THEM, how to USE THEM, as well as START THEM.
  • The Secret of Recruiting in hidden NICHE GROUPS.
  • The Secret of LinkedIn® InMail and how to powerfully recruit with it in targeted areas.
  • The Secret of creating a LinkedIn® Company page and Construct it for a strong Recruiting Magnetism.
  • The Power of Second and Third Degree Contacts and how to recruit them.
  • How to use the biggest GOLD MINE on LinkedIn®- the Advanced Search Tool– for recruiting.
  • How to combine Google and LinkedIn® to for a ONE-TWO Unstoppable Recruiting Punch!
  • The EXACT VERBIAGE to put in Google to find Powerful, Endless, Who you are looking for Recruit-able LinkedIn® Professionals.
  • How to ask your connections for referrals in their local area- AND GET THEM.
  • The 4 Step LinkedIn® Recruiting Formula and HOW to Accelerate your business with it.
  • The Secret of LinkedIn® Talent Pro and how to CRUSH IT and find new leads everyday and RECRUIT THEM.
  • One word to put in your status that will DRAW LEADS TO YOU like a magnet.
  • How to Recruit using LinkedIn® Answers – step by step.
  • The Power of LOCAL SOCIAL and using LinkedIn® locally to MEET your prospects and to get them to HELP YOU.
  • How to engage MOBILE RECRUITING with LinkedIn®.
  • How to Use the LinkedIn® Events Tool to find PERFECT Prospects LOCALLY and tap into MILLIONS of Prospects Nationally.
  • The Power of Strategic Partnership on Local Social LinkedIn®.
  • Discover how to find the Top 100 LinkedIn® people and Connect with their connections to RECRUIT THEM!
  • How to use LinkedIn® for UNSTOPPABLE Recruiting.
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn® as a powerful recruiting team.
  • Plus Much More!

3 Special Bonuses – Downloads:

LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets 101 Bonuses - Home Business Social Media Training Secrets from Doug Firebaugh

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Don’t DELAY! Others have already put these strategies to use and their businesses are exploding!

Here are just a few things people have said
about the content inside this course:

linkedin recruiting testimonialslinkedin recruiting testimonials

Here’s what a few have to say about some of Doug’s other Social Media Training Courses:

“Hi Doug, I heard from different people teaching so-called social media and this training that you have put together is by far the best information out there bar none. Thanks for doing this for everyone. This is some great training!”
Larry P.
“Hi Doug, This time last month my team and I were sitting at about $10,000 in volume. This month we are ALREADY at $20,000 in volume! The number one thing that I have changed this month is I have been on every FireCall but more importantly I have APPLIED all the Social Media Trainings you have given! I have also been on Passionfire EVERY day reading and applying the Trainings from the articles that you are so graciously posting. I want to thank you for everything you do. The call last night was OFF THE CHARTS! I am already having great success with Twitter! I applied what you said to do using direct messages and  I already have TEN new leads… Just this morning!!!! Thanks again sir!”
Taylor R.

“I have been very impressed with this course. Most of the educational materials I have found and purchased online have been disappointing but I can truly say this course has proven to be worth the money. Thanks.”
Charlie P.

TAKE ACTION NOW! SPECIAL BONUS: First 100 Action Takers will receive access to an Additional Special Video from Doug – “HOW TO BUILD A POWERFUL BRAND ON LINKEDIN.”

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